Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to sell your apartment or have questions about how it works, we have included some of our most common questions below. If your question isn’t answered here, please send us a message or give our office a call! (229) 251-3728

Q:  Are you really buying my property directly, or are you listing it on the MLS?
A:  We are investors, not agents. We are not flippers or selling to earn a commission; we are direct buyers who want to hold your property long-term.

Q:  Are the prices you pay for Atlanta Apartments fair?
A:  Always. Sometimes we even pay above market value. Because of how we structure our terms, lways. Sometimes we even pay above market value. Because we structure our terms, we can pay you fair market value in exchange for time. We will make a down payment and pay you monthly installments until the property is paid off, with interest.

Q:  How is your offer price determined? 
A:  We will always keep things very simple and transparent. We look at the past income generated from the property, and factor in the potential income potential. We look at what comparable properties are selling for and how much of an investment we would need to make for repairs and deferred maintenance.  That’s it. Please expect to provide us with some information about your property initially so we can begin our offer. Rental history, vacancy rate, income statement, maintenance costs, etc.

Q:  How are Capital Gains Taxes Deferred?
A: We pay you fair market value, however, we do it over the course of many years. Instead of We pay you fair market value; however, we do it over many years. Instead of paying you one lump sum, with Capital Gains taxes due immediately, your tax obligation will be delayed. Until the sale is final, your name is on the deed.

Q:  Will you charge me a commission or fees on the sale?
A: Never. There are never any fees or commissions to work with us. We want to make you an offer, plain and simple. There are no commissions, hidden costs, or charges. We are investors who wish to buy and hold your property, not agents seeking a commission.

Q:  If I have a property that’s larger than a four-plex, will you still consider making me an offer? 
A: Yes! We primarily choose smaller properties (2, 3, and 4 unit buildings.) However, for the right property, we will gladly make an offer!

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