How Our Process Works!

You might think the process to sell Apartments in Atlanta is cumbersome, uncertain and time-consuming. We are here to prove you wrong! By avoiding banks, red-tape and the overall run-around, we are able to create beneficial situations for everyone!

Step 1: Tell us about your property. Provide historical income performance, vacancy rates, maintenance costs and anything else pertinent to the sale.

Step 2: We will review the property and work with you to determine fair market value.

Step 3: We will present you with an offer, and will negotiate terms and interest rate should you choose to carry a note on the property.

Step 4: If you accept, we will work with a local and reputable title company to iron out all the paperwork. We will provide a down payment up front, and monthly payments thereafter.

Yes, It Can Really Be That Simple

And the benefits are outstanding.

  • Defer your capital gains taxes (hopefully until retirement when your income is lower. This will put you in a lower tax bracket when those capital gains taxes do hit!)
  • Get market value for your property. Sometimes even more!
  • End your responsibilities of continuous maintenance, repairs and tenant issues
  • You will no longer have to feel like debt collector when it is time to get monthly rent payments
  • You will receive a down payment up front
  • You will receive a monthly income stream each and every month for the next several years
  • You will collect interest and retain the same tax benefits until the sale is final

Our process is fast and simple. We are happy to answer all your questions at any time! (229) 251-3728

After we make our offer, we encourage you to ask around, compare prices and make sure that it is the right decision for you! We create winning situations for everyone!

Do You Have a Duplex, Tri-plex or Four-plex in the Atlanta area? Even if you have a small apartment building, we want to make you an offer!

The Robinson Capital Group is buying properties now in Atlanta and the surrounding areas! Find out what we can do for you! There is never any hassle or obligation! (229) 251-3728